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Operational Efficiency

Using more than 25 years of combined experience, EBA helps businesses identify opportunities to increase efficiency.  Within your organization, we can:

- Find process efficiency opportunities.
- Evaluate processes' performance from a capability and efficiency perspectives.
- Setup performance measure frameworks to help in process related decisions.
- Make recommendations on integration of technology in processes.
- Act as your process improvement resource.


Our experience spans diverse industries and practices, including the following:

- Manufacturing, Activity based costing.
- Distribution, Returns processing.
- Accounting, Real time closing.
- Business Intelligence, Dashboards for decision making.
- Finance, Operations management.
- Automotive, Dealers communication and accounting systems.  Desking and Contracts processing. 

Our typical engagement is project based.  We use a combination of standard and proprietary tools to accomplish the goals you set for us.  We listen to your needs, rely on written documentation to set expectations and give timely updates on our progress.  Our performance is consistent at all times with major emphasis on communication to keep all stakeholders informed of progress.